Napoli Digital Running Festival 2021

Half Marathon 21.097 km

Staffetta Twingo (10km + 11.097)

Family Run & Friends 5km

Three Virtual Events

Relive the thrill of a real event, the racing atmosphere and conquer your fantastic medal.

All you have to do is sign up alone or with your friends, run wherever you want as if you were here in Naples, compare yourself with the other participants and win your unique medal!

You can cover the race distance in one day or more days.

And in moments of rest, spend some time in the Festival Zone, where you will find tours, travel tips on Naples and official race merchandising at discounted prices!

Half Marathon

Challenge yourself running 21km, picturing you running along the Naples seafront and passing through Piazza del Plebiscito listening to our Spotify playlist, conquer your fantastic medal and the All Access Pass at the exclusive Festival Zone

Family Run & Friends 5 Km

Run 5km with your family and friends to get the t-shirt, medal and All Access Pass at the exclusive Festival Zone

Twingo Relay (10 + 11.097km)
€24 (€12 per person)

Team up with your partner or your best friend, share the 21km run with him and get the All Access Pass to the exclusive Festival Zone

Event Bundles

One race distance is not enough for you? take part in more events and earn more medals!

Half Marathon and Family Run & Friends challenge
€23 €28

Complete your 21km and then take your family and your friends to run the 5km Family Run & Friends

Twingo Relay and Family Run & Friends challenge

Share the 21km (10 + 11.097km) with you running partner and the involve your family and your friends to run the 5km Family Run & Friends

What's included

  • Finisher medal – one for each event
  • A unique series of expert training videos
  • Digital medal
  • Naples travel guide, culture tips
  • Personalized race bibs
  • Downloadable finisher certificates
  • Downloadable training certificates
  • Videocall background
  • The official spotify playlist of the event
  • Access to buy the official merchandise of the event
  • 5 euros discount to the Napoli City Half Marathon 2022

"Get the official playlist"

listen now

Make your event memorable!

Get the official t-shirt of the event (available in different colors), and check out the all runners are beautiful sleeves and vest. They are perfect for the cold and the rain. Personalise your medal and make it a real piece of art! Available to buy only when you enter one of the events.

Discover more

Run for Charity

You can help raise some much needed funds for charity while you're running our virtual event. You can do this in a couple of ways when you sign up.

1. Make a donation to one of the charities listed as you enter. It's quick and easy and the donation is simply added to your cart before you checkout.


2. Select a charity on the registration page and they will be in touch to give you support and more information on how you can help them.

Event Info


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